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"David Goldman, an exquisite singer-songwriter with a penchant for musical styles from around the world, opens the show at Irvington Town Hall Theatre for Andy Statman. David’s two superb CDs, “Light In The Tunnel” and “Summer With Juliet”, continue to amaze me.”
—Thomas Staudter, "On The Beat", The Gazette
(Syndicated Reviewer)

"David Goldman performed for over two hundred at last night's show at Irvington Town Hall Theater, delighting the crowd with his stellar mix of global folk songs and beautiful originals. And what a voice! This man was born to sing!" - Carter Smith, Common Ground Community Concerts“Few people on this earth were born to sing, but lucky for us, David Goldman is one of them.” ––Christine Lavin"David Goldman has a gift for channeling his love of the whole wide world of music into well-crafted songs, and he has the voice to do those songs justice."—John Platt, WFUV 90.7FM

"David Goldman filled the room with the power and passion of his singing and playing. He guided us from Chicago Blues to Chopin, and he did it all with elegant grace and energy. Masterful!" –Thomas Boyd, Music Over Manhattan

"David Goldman has set the bar very high on his latest release Light In The Tunnel, showcasing his musicianship and passion in his songwriting. Drawing inspirations from a wide range of musicians, David sings with a calm confidence as he weaves his way through some daringly original material.  David's music deserves to be heard the world over and this album is guaranteed to give your ears an enjoyable listening experience."—Eric S Cohen, WAER-FM, Syracuse University, NY

"Light in the Tunnel delivers passionate lyrics and vocals that warm the heart. The song "Canyon Sunrise" sends me to those incredible places in nature that we all long for."—Jim Fisher 91.1FM WGCS, Goshen, Indiana

"David Goldman mines a rich lode of musical Americana and world roots music on his new CD Light In The Tunnel.  Mr. Goldman brings a unique lyrical perspective to the cornucopia of musical styles which comprise this disc of vitalizing ballads, folk, jazz and pop tunes.  His richly expressive voice and the nuanced instrumental forces he deploys so expertly lend these songs gravitas and timelessness. Light in the Tunnel is an instant classic of Roots Americana."—John Hammel,

"Summer With Juliet is truly wonderful, full of that all too rare quality of vision meeting craft and giftedness head on... The world will always written with depth of soul, character, and heart. David's voice is beautiful, his lyrics surprising, his range impressive, and the record stays with you..." -- Rob Mathes, performer, songwriter, arranger (Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, Sting, Bonnie Raitt) 

“...Summer with Juliet is one of those rare works in which what may seem to be disparate parts meld into a compelling statement of beauty and wonderment…. accomplishing a travelogue of sorts that would cause envy in some of the pop world’s most notorious border crossers, such as Sting, Paul Simon and David Byrne...” Tom Staudter, Croton Gazette “On The Beat” 

"David Goldman is ridiculously good! He has a terrific tenor voice with great power and flexibility. I love the fact that he can negotiate the middle eastern and Indian scales so easily. Quite eclectic and diverse in his tastes and musical pursuits and puts it all together with verve and elan...." --John Hammel, Host, "Mozart to Motorhead", WNTI FM, Morristown, NJ 

Roots Music Report CD: Summer with Juliet Label: WorldWave Records Rating: ***** Top Rating Genre: Mixed "What a wonderful mixture of 17 songs performed and mostly written by David Goldman. This is an album for all who enjoy good music. (Folk, Pop, Blues and Worldbeat.) A superb vocal range and the passionate feeling David Goldman instills in his songs makes for an outstanding CD. 

All Music Guide: “This is first and foremost a pop album…But what makes it a unique recording is David Goldman's implementation of a wide variety of worldwide folk influences. He seems to have accurately captured the vocal nuances of Japanese, Indian, and Mexican music as well as the stylings of American blues and Celtic music. He is joined by a large supporting cast…Through all the stylistic changes and shuffling of personnel on this album, there exists the undeniable unifying component -- Goldman's voice. He has a pure, accommodating, and comforting voice that gives credence to his globetrotting tendencies…” Dave Sleger 

“The word eclectic is often misused as describing a style. More accurately it is a method of choosing the best components selected from diverse sources, systems, or styles. David's "Summer with Juliet" is an eclectic trove of genuine and provocative styles that flow like honey from the bee. On this remarkable CD we take a romantic journey across the world. Beginning with an Americana song that feels as familiar as its title, Blue Collar Town. Through dynamic and curious episodes of the Blues, World, Latin, Country, Asian, and Jazz, we explore and experience the enchanting music of David Goldman. David's clear and resonating voice adds dimension to his songwriting genius. He writes and sings in many languages exquisitely. A true troubadour and romantic, his songs are spontaneous yet consistently thoughtful. The musical accompaniment is top rate. The production flawless. It has been a real joy to play "Summer with Juliet" in my car as I drive on my quest for antiques and art. Like this incredible CD, it is a glorious quest indeed.” --Rick Rock, Founder, Tribes Hill News and Hammond House, Valhalla, New York 

"I have not met anyone from the West who attained such fluency and stylistic excellence in such a short time...” -- Late SUNY New Paltz Literature Professor Amiya Chakravarty, former literary secretary to India’s Nobel Prize-winning author and composer, Rabindranath Tagore, evaluating David Goldman’s two years of music and language study in India.

"An appreciative audience gave singer/guitarist David Goldman resounding applause and calls for encores at the Paramount Center for the Arts at his opening for the Rippingtons concert. Accompanied by percussionist Herman Stephens, David's warm tones and flair for singing his repertoire of Blues, Spanish and Brazilian songs-including a few originals-got the evening off to a great start." -- Gladys Muller, Director, Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, NY 

"Mr. Goldman put on a very impressive show at The Pub here at UMBC. I highly recommend him for shows catering to various populations and students from different cultures and backgrounds." -- Nick Bijlani, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Cultural & Performing Arts Chair, Student Events Board."