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Going To America

David Goldman

“David Goldman has a gift for channeling his love of the whole wide world of music into well-crafted songs, and he has the voice to do those songs justice.” — John Platt, WFUV 90.7FM

"Going To America" has won the Gold Prize in the Folk-Rock category of the 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest of the Songwriters' Association of Washington, D.C. I wrote this song because I wanted to express a positive spirit in the face of all the challenges that America faces today. We are all going to America, trying to find America. We can only get there together, all for one, one for all and all for all.

Going To America (All For One, One For All & All For All) All Music, Photos, Video ©℗ David Goldman/World Wave Music (ASCAP), WorldWave Records Music Produced by David Goldman, Mark Dann & Cliff Goldmacher Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Mark Dann Additional Engineering/Recording/Mixing by David Goldman David Goldman: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Backup Vocals: Shawn Lucas Choir featuring Lisala Beatty, Keith Fluitt, Gail Lou DeSandies; also Julia Bordenaro & Ira Levin Choir Vocal Arrangement: Shawn Lucas Lead Guitar: Marc Shulman; Bass: Mark Dann; Drums Steve Holley Banjo, Ukelele, Mandolin: Cliff Goldmacher; Fiddle: Sara Milonovich; Slide Guitar: Lowell Perlman


The word eclectic does not begin to describe the influences that make up David Goldman’s music. If his mixed ethnic background of Jewish, Italian and Albanian wasn’t varied enough, he grew up listening to classical, opera, international and American folk music, blues and rock and roll. He then studied abroad in college for four years in India, Mexico, and Japan, and has traveled to France, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

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Light In The Tunnel

David Goldman

A powerful and sometimes inspirational mix of Acoustic Rock, Celtic overtones, Chicago Blues & Gospel, a tapestry of voices, most especially David Goldman's own.


“Few people on this earth were born to sing, but lucky for us, David Goldman is one of them.” ––Christine Lavin

It has taken a few years for NY-based singer/songwriter David Goldman to release his second CD Light In The Tunnel. Early indications are that it has been well worth the wait. Where Summer With Juliet was a smorgasbord of international and American musical idioms, Tunnel is more rooted in songs strongly influenced by Celtic, Gospel, Blues and Folk traditions; it is David’s deeply personal journey across the darker landscape of the world today on the wings of a finely woven tapestry of voices and music.

The CD’s songs range from an homage to the Grand Canyon, a textured medley of American folk anthems, a Chicago blues romp, to a folk-rock song for a returning soldier. There’s also a bittersweet pop ballad co-written with pianist Robin Spielberg, two rousing gospel-inspired songs of human suffering, redemption and everlasting love, the haunting ‘She Won’t Sing Anymore,’ with soaring operatic and jazz-inspired vocals, and the finale, ‘Canyon Sunrise,’ a dream of reverberating voices, guitars, violins, accordions and bagpipes.

Light In The Tunnel is graced by the countermelodic harmonies of David and his stellar cast of vocalists (including Amy Speace, Elaine Caswell, Elza Müeller and the Shawn Lucas Choir), the sublime landscape echoes of guitarist Marc Shulman, Melissa Meell’s cello, Lisa Gutkin’s and Anna Leinbach’s violins, Jerry O’Sullivan’s bagpipes and many other aural surprises. Produced by David and Mark Dann, an assist from producer and A&R ace John McCracken helped put the finishing touches on this very special project.

“… Light In The Tunnel is an excellent piece…a perfect listen…” ––Sharon Panaro, Regional Frequency, 91.3FM WVKR

Light In The Tunnel 1. Take Me to The Canyon (4:04) Rousing paean to the Grand Canyon wrapped in a Celtic cloak….. 2. Goin’ To America (Medley) (3:59) A medley of American folk anthems connected by an original song. 3. Put Your Squeeze On Me (3:10) A Chicago blues romp duet with Nicole Hart 4. A Soldier’s Return (Come Back) (3:27) Folk Rock song for those who have returned and those we hope will return soon.. 5. I Remember You (5:04) Nostalgic Pop ballad co-written with pianist Robin Spielberg 6. Your Greater Love (3:41) Stirring spiritual song with Shawn Lucas Choir 7. She Won’t Sing Anymore (4:19) 6/8 Pop-Jazz piece with soaring operatic and scat vocals 8. God Came, God Saw God Cried (4:52) High energy Gospel-influenced number with Shawn Lucas Choir 9. Canyon Sunrise (2:19) A dream of droning bagpipes, violins and guitars with the vocal chorus rising at the end.

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Summer With Juliet

David Goldman

Heartfelt singing and songwriting with a rainbow of richly layered music genres, touched by Blues, Acoustic Rock, Pop/Jazz and WorldBeat....

"Summer With Juliet is truly wonderful, full of that all-too-rare quality of vision meeting craft and giftedness head on…. The world will always need…music written with depth of soul, character and heart. David Goldman's voice is beautiful, his lyrics surprising, his range impressive, and the record stays with you…" Rob Mathes, songwriter, performer, arranger. (Elvis Costello, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, etc.)

Combine heartfelt singing and songwriting with worldly influences from Blues, Folk, Country, Celtic, Latin and WorldBeat roots, and you have David Goldman’s Summer With Juliet. There are over 100 guest artists on the album—including singer/songwriter Dayna Kurtz, New York Voices’ Lauren Kinhan, Irish bagpipe wizard Jerry O’Sullivan, Billy Joel Sax player Richie Cannata, Celtic singer Susan McKeown, African percussion group "Heritage" and Suzanne Vega guitarists Billy Masters and Marc Shulman. Summer With Juliet celebrates musical colors across many cultural divides; it has received airplay on nearly 140 radio stations worldwide.

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