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David S. Goldman Spring 2024 Newsletter

New Audio Book Music Memoir TBA

Hi Folks,

I hope all of you are thriving creatively and otherwise in this new era in which we find ourselves. I got a lot of great feedback from my release last summer of my new version of “Motherless Child” co-produced with Matt Anthony and Mark Dann; we are currently working on an Italian song from my forthcoming audio book. Other single releases from that work are also in the works. 

Just did a well-received show with touring Albany singer Belle-Skinner at the Porch at Darryl’s House in Pawling, New York over Memorial Day weekend. We duetted on an old Japanese lullaby which went over really well. We combined songs in various languages and genres—to my surprise Belle then did a few comedic Tom Lehrer songs that I hadn’t heard in ages.

My FORTHCOMING AUDIO BOOK MUSIC MEMOIR contains over 50 songs and sounds—in excerpt form––including newly recorded, as well as previously released material and street sounds recorded back in the 1970s while I was overseas. It is a coming of age musical memoir of my multi-ethnic background and my three years of travel in the American Southwest, Mexico, Japan and ultimately, India.

The project was initially incubated at Nancy Manocherian’s The Cell Theatre, with Artistic Director Kira Simring, along with Associate Artistic Director Brian Reager, General Manager Jonah Levy and Ricardo Romaneiro. Then Covid happened and so for the next four years I have been steadily expanding this into a music memoir with a sequel in mind that will follow up on my subsequent two years in India. There are songs in Italian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese, Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindustani, Bengali, and Neapolitan, along with original Folk, Blues, Spirituals, etc. all co-produced with Mark Dann.

For this project I have been privileged to work with fabulous Indian singer Apoorva Mudgal, Guitarist Extraordinaire Sean Harkness, Oud player Brian Prunka, violinist Alicia Svigals, Flautist Wendy Luck and Mexican percussionist Cuauthemoc Ramirez among many others. Previously released material includes performances and accompaniment by Cherish The Ladies, Susan McKeown, KJ Denhert, Michele Gedney, Jerry O’Sullivan, Steve Holley, Mark Shulman, Kristin Hoffmann, Anna Leinbach and more.

There are also a number of performances from my personal archive including Japanese biwa senseis Itaya Kyokyuu and Umehara Kyokyuu, and Gagaku Koto master Ishi-San with orchestra. Most dear to my heart are sitar and vocal performances by my Senia Gharana Guru Amiya Gopal Bhattacharya and his disciple Nalu Chakravarty, respectively. There is also a vintage 1945 vocal performance from my mother and also my Italian family from 1961.

It seems that finishing up the last 10% of the project takes almost as long as the first 90%. We are now putting together the accompanying E-Book, and promotional video and audio YouTube podcasts and shorts. This is the first project for which I have been able to combine my skills as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, narrator, producer, writer and photographer.


Just finished this new American Roots Performance track for an official digital release. It was one of the first songs I ever performed as a singer-songwriter many moons ago. I had just returned from two years studying music in India and, that, along with my love of Blues and Stevie Wonder tended to move me towards melismatic vocalizing. Motherless Child was just about my earliest experimenting with that. 

The horrific suffering in Ukraine and amongst refugees everywhere brought the tune to mind again. I was inspired to write a new bridge for this traditional song; I'm sure my vocal performance is far more intense now than it was all those years ago. 


5-23-19 Hey Folks, thought I'd share with you the latest news:

• I am one of the Executive Producers for Charles R. Hale's Concert Series "Classically Exposed: From Carnegie Hall To The Cell," which features Grammy Nominee Nicole Zuraitis, Clare Maloney, "Sunny" Seunghee Lee Kang, Renato Diz, Verona String Quartet and others.

• I am in pre-production for a Mahalia Jackson song with Shawn Lucas and the Shawn Lucas choir.

• I have been writing, developing, producing and performing "My India Story" a musical and multi-media memoir book and live show about my two years in India.



Check out my YouTube video for my digital single which won the 2015 Gold Prize in the Folk-Rock category of the 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest of the Songwriters' Association of Washington, D.C.



This latest song of mine, released the summer of 2015, arose out of both a sense of despair over our country's direction and the great inspiration I discovered on a trip to Washington D.C. seeing the lofty inscriptions on our most time-honored institutions.

The word eclectic does not begin to describe the influences that make up David Goldman’s music. If his mixed ethnic background of Jewish, Sicilian/Italian and Albanian wasn’t varied enough, he grew up listening to classical, opera, international and American folk music, blues and rock and roll. He then studied abroad in college for four years in India, Mexico, and Japan, and has since traveled to France, Italy, Sicily, England, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, collecting songs as he goes.

Rooted in American folk and blues, David performs his original songs spiced with an old folk, pop/jazz or ‘60s chestnut along with a magical song or two from Portugal, South America or India. His last CD "Light In The Tunnel" took his audience on a deeply personal journey across the darker landscape of the world today on the wings of a finely woven tapestry of voices and music with Celtic, Blues and Gospel influences.