David S. Goldman

Going To America

by David Goldman

Released 2015
WorldWave Records
Released 2015
WorldWave Records
“David Goldman has a gift for channeling his love of the whole wide world of music into well-crafted songs, and he has the voice to do those songs justice.” — John Platt, WFUV 90.7FM
"Going To America" has won the Gold Prize in the Folk-Rock category of the 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Contest of the Songwriters' Association of Washington, D.C. I wrote this song because I wanted to express a positive spirit in the face of all the challenges that America faces today. We are all going to America, trying to find America. We can only get there together, all for one, one for all and all for all.

Going To America (All For One, One For All & All For All)
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©℗ David Goldman/World Wave Music (ASCAP), WorldWave Records
Music Produced by David Goldman, Mark Dann & Cliff Goldmacher
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Mark Dann
Additional Engineering/Recording/Mixing by David Goldman
David Goldman: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Backup Vocals: Shawn Lucas Choir featuring Lisala Beatty, Keith Fluitt, Gail Lou DeSandies; also Julia Bordenaro & Ira Levin
Choir Vocal Arrangement: Shawn Lucas
Lead Guitar: Marc Shulman; Bass: Mark Dann; Drums Steve Holley
Banjo, Ukelele, Mandolin: Cliff Goldmacher; Fiddle: Sara Milonovich;
Slide Guitar: Lowell Perlman


The word eclectic does not begin to describe the influences that make up David Goldman’s music. If his mixed ethnic background of Jewish, Italian and Albanian wasn’t varied enough, he grew up listening to classical, opera, international and American folk music, blues and rock and roll. He then studied abroad in college for four years in India, Mexico, and Japan, and has traveled to France, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.